Why I am not blogging about coupons

It’s been 69 days since my last post on this site. I’m sorry for leaving without an explanation. My life has taken a change that I did not expect, menopause has caught up with me. I had been fighting the symptoms for quite a while, but I finally couldn’t keep up with everything.

I had heard of many women going through this and never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that it could be so tough. It took over my mind, my emotions and it just took over my life.

I went from July 2 to July 27 without going into a store. Just the thought of walking in and seeing people depending on my transaction to help them coupon. I couldn’t think straight ( I still can’t sometimes). I tried different medications, and got some strange reactions to some. I had restless leg syndrome with one prescription. With another I was having the strangest thoughts that you could never  imagine. Just silly stuff.

On July 27th I needed to pick up a few things at Kmart, and of course a coupon was a must. So after supper I finally convinced myself that I could do this. With sweat pouring down my face, I picked up what I needed ( I had my coupons all ready and knew exactly what I was getting) so I could be out of there in a hurry. As usually these trips don’t always work out the way you want them too. As the cashier put in my first coupon, her register just locked up. Oh my goodness, here I am sweating like I had just ran a 5 mile race and my heart was pounding just as fast. Was I going to run out of the store like my body was telling me to do or was I going to wait and pretend everything was okay. So I decided to stay and wait it out. It was a long 28 minutes. All this time the cashier kept apologizing as she rebooted her register. I wanted to run out of that store so fast but something kept me there. Whatever it was, it brought me back to doing some couponing. Not that I am ready to help other yet with their shopping trips.

With the advice from my doctor, got to love her Dr. Joyce Hebert. She’s the best! I am tracking my anxiety on paper. Interesting to see how menopause can have so many different effects on a person. Keeping a daily log of the ups and downs. At this point I would be a better menopause blogger than a coupon blogger.

I do hope that I can come back to doing this, since shopping for free is still a very big part of my life. But for now “Tracking my Anxiety” is what I’m writing about these days.

Keep shopping there are great deals out there!

Until I can blog again, thanks for your support.