Where have all the Senior Citizen discounts gone?

Since my blog is about using coupons and saving money. I thought this would be interesting.

In honor of my brothers Birthday on Christmas day, I wanted to post this blog with all kinds of Senior Citizen discounts. To my surprise there are not much out there. After calling Kmart , Walmart,  JCPenny, Sears,  Lowes and Governors Restaurant I almost gave up.

I finally got a yes answer from DOC (Daigle Oil Comany, which can found from Fort Kent, Me to Bangor, Me) they give a $.02 off per  gallon discount everyday. I forgot to ask but I assume this was 55 years and older.

Valley Fuel Stop in Madawaska, Me $.02 off  per gallon 55 and older

Bonanza Restaurants with their card at age 60 and over you get 10% off everyday

I thought when you reached 55 that there was all kinds of discounts out there. Do you know of any Senior Citizen discounts out there? Email me so I can post.

Anyway Happy Birthday Tom!. pink birthday cake