Rite Aid: Freebies & Cheapies 12/18-12/24! 2 Moneymakers, 4 Freebies & 18 Under $1!

Just for Me/Touch of Gray $7.99
$1.00 UP Reward on 1
Try Me Free MIR 
$2.00/1 HERE 
Final: Up to $3 Moneymaker (depending on rebate redemption)

Wrigley’s Gum $1.00
Big Red, Juicy Fruit
Doublemint or Orbit
$1.00 UP Reward on 1 (lim 2)
$0.25/1 VV Nov or Dec
Final after UP: $0.25 Moneymaker


Candy/Mints 2/$3.00
Hershey’s or Cadbury Bars 3.5-4.5zo
BreathSavers 3hr 1.27oz
Ice Breakers 1.5oz or Frost 1.2oz
$2.00 UP Reward on 2 (lim 2)
$1.00/2 Ice Breakers Product VV Nov
Final after UP: 2 FREE Ice Breakers

Buy One Get One 50% off
No Nonsense or L’Eggs Pantyhose, Tights, Socks or Shapeware
$3.00 UP Reward on 2
$1.00/1 NN Great Shapes, Tights, Silk Indulgence or Smart Support VV Nov
Final after UP: Free? Gotta be something cheap here.

Gum 14-15ct $1.00
Wrigley’s 5
Trident Xtra Care
Trident Layers
Orbit Mist
Stride Shift
Shaun White
$0.50/1 Layers VV Nov or Dec
$0.25/1 Orbit VV Nov or Dec
B3G1F Dentyne, Stride, Trident 12/11SS
$1.00/1 UP2U 10/9SS
$0.55/1 Mentos 10/9SS
$1.00/3 Trident 10/30SS
Final: Free UP2U or $0.25ea wyb 4 Trident


Holiday Candy Singles 2/$1.00
Reese’s PB Trees 1.2oz
Peeps 1-1.125oz
M&M Holiday Singles 1.69-1.74oz
$1.00/2 Reeses VV Dec
$1.00/2 Mars All You Dec or HERE 
$1.00/2 Peeps printable (NLA)
Final: FREE




$5 UP Reward on $10 (lim 1)
Buy One Get One FREE
A&H Kids Spinbrush
A&H Spinbrush Pro Adult
A&H GlowBrush
A&H ProClean Sonic Brush
Oragel Toddler
oragel Baby teething Gel
Orajel Swabs
Orajel Smart Dose
Orajel Tooth/Gum Cleanser
MIR 12/11SS ($2.00/2 Products)
$4.00/1 Sonic 
$2.00/1 Spinbrush Toothbrush or HERE
$1.00/1 Spinbrush Product 12/11SS
$1.00/1 Brush or Refill 10/23SS
$1.00/1 Orajel Product 
$1.00/1 Orajel Teething or Child Toothpaste 


Beverages $0.88
Gatorade or G2 20oz
Fiji Artesian Water 0.5L
Snapple Tea 16oz
$1.00/2 Snapple VV Nov or Dec
Final: $0.38ea wyb 2 Snapple

Household Items 5/$5.00
Palmolive Dish 10oz
Kleenex Tissue
Wallet 3ct
Auto Wedge 24ct
Lotion 70ct
White 100ct
AirWick Aerosol 8oz
$1.00/3 Kleenex VV Nov
$1.00/2 Kleenex VV Dec
$1.00/4 Kleenex 12/4SS
Final: 5/$2.00 or $0.40ea


Campbell’s Cream Soups 5/$4.00
$0.40/3 SavingStar 
$0.40/2 12/4SS
$1.00/5 HERE 
$0.25/4 11/6SS
Final: $0.52ea wyb 5

Candy/Mints 3/$3.00
Altoids 0.37-1.76oz
Skittles or Starburst – King or Theater 3.3-4oz
$1.00 UP Reward on 3
Final after UP: 3/$2.00 or $0.66ea

7UP or Diet 7UP 4/$4.00
$1.00 UP Reward on 4
Final after UP: 4/$3.00 or $0.75ea

Green Giant Canned Vegetables $1.00
$0.50/2 11/13GM
Final: $0.75 ea wyb 2

Simplify Paper Towels Single Roll $0.87
or Aluminum Foil 25sq ft
Final: $0.87

Osteo Bi Flex 50% off (Save) ($19.99)
Assorted Formulas
$3.00/1 VV Nov
$6.00/1 11/6RP (Exp 12/20)
$2.00/1 HERE 
Final: $0.99

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