How to slowly start using coupons…

With the price of heating oil and the gas prices, grocery stores are forced to bring their prices up. Living in Maine our food deals are limited, not many stores for double coupons. But let’s look on the bright side, if we can get our health and beauty supplies for free or pennies on the dollar, we’re still ahead. Start using coupons with smaller purchases. For example watch your local ads @ Riteaid, CVS and Walgreen. They all offer lots of free or cheap deals. Start by only getting the free stuff, and before you know it your stock pile will add up.

When I started to use coupons as a way of life, I would only spend my husbands quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. I challenge myself to about $5 to $6 a day. I would plan ahead, make my list from the ads and head over to start my shopping. To my surprise I would come home with $40 to $50 worth of merchandise.

We may not all have double coupon stores but for every coupon we use, it’s money in our pocket. So give yourself a chance and give it a try.