Kmart gives you rewards and they take it back, what gives?


I have been on the phone all night with Kmart “Shop Your Way Rewards”. Since I have been away all week, I decided to look at my rewards and see what my points balance was. To my surprise I had a -$13.10!

My first phone call to Kmart, I was told that I was given rewards on 05/19 that i should not have received. I explained to the customer service person that on the 19th I had used a 10,000 points if you shop for $75. Than she responded that I had only shopped for $55. Well yes after coupons were applied it looked like the purchase was for $55. She than told me that due to a new phone system that she could not transfer me, that I would have to call back tomorrow.

But than I looked into the 05/19 transaction again and I had earned those points awarded on that day. So I made a second call to Kmart. Now this nice lady tells me that I had received points which I had not gotten a coupon for. Than I tell her that I did get the coupon. She says well “where is the coupon?” Hello, if I got the points I redeemed it at the store, so I no longer have it. Now I’m out $13.10 on my rewards points, and I still don’t have any answers to what the heck happen to my account.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?