Busy weekend ahead…

I might not be online to much this weekend. My family has 3 college graduates this year. All 3 having gotten a RN degree. One especially that I am very proud of.

My daughter Jennifer, graduates Registered Nurse with high honors. This might not seem like a big deal to some but for this young lady to have accomplished this with a family is something to be very proud of. Today I take part in her Pinning ceremony. I am so happy that she chose me to do the honors. I have seen her work so hard to get where she is at today. This is her second degree, she graduated Biologists last May. Since our community doesn’t have much work in the Biology field she had continued her school to become a nurse.

(My daughter Jen sits the first one on the right and niece Chelse stands in second row third from the right.)

I also have 2 nieces that have also accomplished there degree in Nursing. Chelse graduates at UMFK with my daughter and Renee graduates from UMPI. Congratulations Girls! You have all worked so hard for this day.

As we celebrate this occasion this weekend we are also celebrating 2 of my grandson’s birthday, Ian & Zachary, Happy Birthday!

I will blog in between celebrations this weekend.

Doesn’t mean I won’t be using coupons. Don’t forget all the great coupon inserts this Saturday May 12, 2012 in your local BAngor Daily News.