It’s been over a week since I blogged I’ve been on Vacation…

Here is my “NO PLANS” vacation in a nutshell

So my husband and I decide to take a last minute vacation, we decided to go to Florida

First I checked out  Allegiant Air

Booked my flights non stop Bangor, Maine to Sanford, Florida

Note: when you book from Allegiant Air you now have to pay for Carry Ons and Check In luggage, than they suggest choosing your seat (another charge), preferred boarding (another charge), but you can opted out of these 2 last charges if you want to board and just take whatever seat is left that is not reserved. And of course there’s the tax you have to pay. Here is a list of charges that you can expect:

PACKAGE:           $
PFC:                   $
SEAT SELECTION FEE:    $69.98 seat fee
CONVENIENCE FEE:       $40.00 don’t remember what this was for
TRIP FLEX:                   $46.00 this would be cancelation fee
CARRY-ON BAG:          $72.00 2 carry on fee
TOTAL: This all depends on what options you have booked
 Note: it seems from what we

experienced that the Check In Lugage

was cheaper at the airport than online.

So our plan was to take 1 day at a time. 

The night before we left we book a room,

A room that I had received an email for Savology:

Saveology Travel Deals
An experience for the whole family
88% Off 3 Days/2 Nights at Your Choice of Top Orlando, FL Resort

(With this deal you get what you pay for. I was not impressed with this motel. Pretty much looks like this but I did not like the smell.)

So everyday was different, we got in our rented car (that I booked with Allegiant same time as my flights) and off we were. I told my husband we could go anywhere as long as I could sit outside in the sun. We started by going to the flea market, can’t go to KIssimee without going to the flea market. Got some good deals (can’t use coupons there).

We than ventured over to International Drive where there’s always plenty to do there. We spent the afternoon out in the sun with our feet up and drinking a few beers.

 Right behind this Wonderworks Museum lies our favorite hangout.

Wonderworks Upsidedown Building in Orlando, Florida

On Thursday was my Husbands Birthday so he got to choose where we were going and he wanted to go to Daytona beach. Wow 90 degree weather on the beach, who could ask for anything more.

And the food was great! We went to Ponderosa, Sizzlers, Golden Corral and a few other small places we tried out like the Steak and Shake. All in all our meals didn’t cost us too much.

So this brings me back home to 35 degree weather when we got off the plane. But if you want to travel to Florida from Maine, Allegiant Air is the way to go.  Two and a half to 3 hours and you’re in Florida.