So I think I’m a “shopaholic”

For a girl who would just hate to go in any store to a girl who’s in the stores daily, I don’t know which one is better.

I think I live in a small community that has a limited amount of stores for a reason. I just spent 5 days at my son’s house where I had a choice of where I was going to go couponing. I came home with the back of my pickup full of groceries that I have no room for. I maybe spent $60 OOP this week but sure got my money’s worth.

I love Shaws! Whether you are a regular shopper at Shaws or not, you sure learn fast how easy it is to shop double coupons. You grab all the coupons $.99 and under that you think you could use and off you go. Just shop with your “coupons” instead of shopping with a usual “grocery list.”  In the 5 days I was at my son’s house I was in the stores 4 days. Only reason I wasn’t in 5 days was because the stores were closed on Easter Sunday.

And then there’s Kmart. My hometown Kmart doesn’t have weekly Ad sales, so I have to print the sale online and bring a copy to my Kmart to price match. Well having this said and going to a Kmart that already has the weekly sale, made my shopping experience so much easier. I think Kmart in Augusta is not a popular store for the locals but it was a pleasure to shop there. First of all my coupons scanned so nicely and if it beeped the cashier just read the coupon and pasted it through no questions asked. Of course I try really hard to make sure that every coupon I use is the exact product that is listed on the coupon. Kmart extending the double coupon deal for this month is also a big plus. Since I usually am not shy to vent when I have a bad experience with my shopping trips, I think it is even more important to give credit where credit is due. So hats off to Augusta Kmart for treating their customers like they are important. Thank you.

So let’s get some deals posted!