FREE A&W Root Beer & Sunkist at Kmart

I have to admit, I am addicted to shopping at Kmart!!!

I took a drive down to Kmart and Shaws this evening. I don’t have a Shaws in my area so of course this is exciting for me.

Kmart is running the double coupon deal all this month and they also have some great deals going on weekly. A&W and Sunkist 2-liters are $1, so FREE wyb 2 after the  $1 off – 7UP, Sunkist Soda, Canada Dry, A&W or Sun Drop, 6-Pack or (2) 2-Liter  (that’s when you shop for $25 and you double coupons)

Also when you shop for $25 grocery and health and beauty don’t forget to clip your Ocean Spray juice coupon in the monthly ad.

I have to share a little secret that happen to me today. I thought I would shop for another $25 today (since my mom was with me), I was going to use her rewards card. Well when I got to the cash I totally forgot to use hers and used my card again today. And as I as driving home, it hit me that my coupons have doubled even if it was my second transaction today. Don’t know if it was a fluke but it doubled my first (5) $1 coupons.

What a great experience shopping at this Kmart. Now I have to get my son and daughter in law to shop there after I leave. Thank you Augusta Kmart for being so pleasant.