Kmart double coupon shopping

I just came back from Kmart and I’m excited to give you my total. First of all I always instruct my coupon classes to never throw out any coupons until they have expired.

Here is my breakdown of my shopping

(5) Kellogg’s cereal 5/$10 & free Poptarts Bangor ad price- Used $5/5 printable N/A (reg. price w/o ad $4.39 each) This coupon was back from January P&G insert

(4) Coke 1liter bottle $.99 each / (4) Pringles $1.89 each – Used (2) $1 off wyb 2 coke & 2 Pringles ( this doubled to $4)

(2) Sobe drinks 10/$10 used (1) $1 coupon peelie doubled to $2

(3) Juicy Juice on sale 2/$5 used $1/3 coupon to double $2

Total before discounts $47.58

After discounts and coupons $18.40

So I told the cashier that I would use my rewards which I thought I had $9.43 (I had used all my rewards last Thursday) but to my surprise she said “YOu had more on your rewards than you thought, you owe me $.07!” I don’t know who was more excited me or the cashier. So what you are looking at cost me 7 CENTS!