Kmart catalina coupons

When shopping at Kmart and for that matter any store that you will be using coupons, always make sure that the cashier is aware of the store specials. For example, Kmart has signs all over the store of a $5 coupon when you purchase 1 Tide product + 1Downy product + 1 Hanes product. They also have a P&G $10 coupon on your next purchase when you shop $30 of P&G Products. Come to find out the $5 is a Catalina and the $10 rings out with your receipt. Well if you happen to go to a cash register that does not have a Catalina machine and you have NO idea that you won’t be getting your $5 coupon it can get pretty messy.

Kmart registers are not yet set up for the coupons with only 2 bar codes. The small bar codes have gone out as of June 30, 2011. We still see some coupons with all 3 bar codes but in the future we will only be seeing 2. In any case this can become confusing if the stores are not aware of the changes.

So keep an eye on the screen at the cash register and check your receipts!