If you’re getting hot flashes from Menopause read this…

I have been suffering from hot flashes for years but never had it so bad as this past year. When the doctor advised me that once the surgery was done that was it. I would be in menopause. So I thought how bad could those hot flashes be, I’ve had them for years. Did I ever have a lot to learn. I tried all kinds of prescriptions, from the patch to natural supplements. Running from one doctor to another only to hear that I just had to go through this menopausal time.

Then about a month ago I was sitting in a doctors waiting room when I overheard the receptionist and the secretary tell their secret for hot flashes to a patient. No sooner was that patient gone and I was asking for the secret also. Now this receptionist and secretary knew exacting what I am going through cause they’ve been there. So  I went home thinking that it would never work.

You saw me show you what I bought last week at Riteaid and here is their secret to “hot flashes”

Yes it’s Flaxseed Oil 1000 mg! They told me to take one in the morning and one at night. It’s been about 4 weeks and I went from sitting up in my bed 15 times during a normal night to now for the past 3 nights I only got woken up twice with hot flashes.

Get those Nature Made coupons out and head for the store, cause you have nothing to lose by trying this. Thank you Brenda for sharing your secret.

Note: I’m still in the experimental stage but I just had to share this with you menopausal women.