Samsung: Television Class Action Lawsuit Settlement




Do you own a Samsung DLP, Plasma, or LCD TV and have had problems with it?

Samsung has announced a settlement of a Class Action Lawsuit for certain Samsung models manufactured before December 31, 2008.


You may be entitled to receive the benefits of this proposed Class Action Settlement if you purchased, acquired or otherwise owned any of the following Samsung-branded televisions, and the television is experiencing or has experienced the “Covered TV Symptom(s)” as described in the proposed Settlement. The class action lawsuit alleges a defect that may cause the television to experience symptoms such as not turning on, experiencing a delay in turning on, making a clicking sound, cycling on and off, or other similar problems. Samsung denies the allegations in the lawsuit, but has agreed to settle the lawsuit to avoid the costs and uncertainty of continued litigation.


Click here for the list and for information on whether you qualify for a free repair, or for reimbursement of a repair you paid for, or for other benefits, as well as how to make a claim.