Should we believe everything we see on TLC? What do you think? Extreme Couponing: More Fraudulent Activity Confirmed

I picked up this post from Gracie another blogger. I for one do not watch the show. I don’t like the fact that these stores are not following their Store Policy. If you don’t follow your policy why have one in the first place.




Did you see the episode of Extreme Couponing with the teenager from Burbank, CA who had the coupons for FREE Quilted Northern Toilet Paper? Well, according to Jill Cataldo and the Coupon Information Center those coupons were fraudulent. (ya think?)  Quilted Northern would not reimburse the store the amount of the fraudulent coupons, and the mother ended up paying the Gelson’s store.


I’m pretty well versed with coupons (as I am sure you are, as well), and I don’t remember a giveaway or anything else for giant packs of bathroom tissue (something most couponers would covet).


I hope this Extreme Couponing goes away soon. I mean, the story is pretty much the same every episode…it’s turning into the Scooby-Doo of reality shows!  I think it’s run its course. In real life I’ve noticed that it’s much easier to find advertised items on the shelves recently, so that’s a good sign.


But the question remains, why would people be willing to be filmed for a national show committing fraud? Is it just the quest for fame? There are just too many coupon pros (like Jill) out there that are able to dissect every irregularity of the transaction. And once it’s posted, it’s too late . Fame is one thing, infamy another.