I just went shopping

I just went to Shop N Save to pickup groceries and stopped in at Kmart. I wasn’t going to post a photo tonight, but I realized that we can’t have an extreme shopping trip all the time. I am happy with keeping my grocery and Kmart spending under $50. It is possible to shop on a budget using coupons. Here is what I bought tonight.

Click image for a bigger view

Spent $31.55 at Shop N Save (saved $13.25)

Spent $16.36 at Kmart (saved $22.45)

Total spent $47.91 (total saving $35.70)

If I can keep my weekly grocery this low, I’m happy with that.

Most of my coupons were expiring today. And I hate to throw away a good coupon. I bought 6 boxes of cereal, my coupons were $1.75/2 boxes of cereal and expiring today.