Here are a few FAQ for Riteaid Buy & Save Program

How do I earn my $20 +UP Reward?
Customers may earn a $20 +UP Reward by purchasing $100 or more of specially marked products
at your local Rite Aid store between 1/1/12 and 1/28/12. A wellness+ card or member phone
number must be presented to your Rite Aid associate for entry during your transaction.
If I spend $200, will I receive $40 in +UP Rewards?
No. The maximum reward you can earn per household during Resolution Rewards is $20, but be
sure to check back in February for our Winter Rewards program and you may earn another $20 +UP!
I’m not a wellness+ card member. May I still participate?
No. A wellness+ card is required to participate in Resolution Rewards. It’s easy to sign up and it’s
FREE to join. Click here to sign up online or ask your Rite Aid Associate for a wellness+ application
I’m a wellness+ member, but I forgot to present my card during my recent visit. Can my
purchases still count?
Unfortunately, no. Our only means of tracking eligible transactions exists at the point of sale
through our registers. The only way you would be able to get credit for your purchase would be to
return the items at your store and re-complete the transaction with your card at that time. Call (800)
RITEAID/(800)748-3243 for further details.
Do I need to keep my receipts for all of my purchases?
No. We will keep track for you through your wellness+ card. Updates on your progress toward the
$100 threshold will be printed at the bottom of your receipts.
Are purchases included in the program?
No. Since wellness+ membership is required, online purchases are not included in this
Are purchases made at Rite Aid Save-A-Lot stores included in the program?
No. Purchases made at Rite Aid Save-A-Lot stores are not included in this program.
What are the participating items I must purchase to receive my reward?
See our weekly circular and in-store signs to identify eligible products. All participating products
are marked with a Buy & Save symbol.
Vanilla Visa Cards were erroneously included in program materials but are not a participating item
in Resolution Rewards. If you purchased a Vanilla Visa card because it was an included item and
wish to return it, please see your Store Manager.
Will items that qualify for in-store +UP Rewards still count toward my reward?
Yes. You have the opportunity to increase your savings by getting instant rewards with our weekly
advertised +UP Rewards, as well as month-long sale prices and +UP Rewards. You also can save
later through our Single Check Rebates program and by earning the Resolution Rewards $20 +UP.
How will I receive my reward when I have purchased $100 in qualifying products at Rite Aid?
Your +UP Reward will print at the bottom of your Rite Aid register receipt on the transaction when
you have met the $100 purchase amount. The $20 reward will be valid on your next purchase of
$20 or more at your local Rite Aid. You must present your +UP receipt certificate to receive your $20
reward. Your $20 +UP will expire on 2/11/12.
Is my $20 +UP Reward good on everything in the store?
Your +UP Reward is valid on most items available at Rite Aid. It is not valid on prescriptions, lottery
tickets, tobacco, alcohol, money orders, prepaid cards, stamps, licenses, other mailing services or
any items excluded by law. Your purchase amount must be at least $20 of valid items excluding
sales tax. No cash will be given.
How long do I have to use my reward?
You may use your reward as early as your next purchase of $20 or more after you receive it. It will
expire on February 11, 2012.
I want to give my $20 +UP reward to a friend. Does my friend need my wellness+ card in order
to redeem the +UP?
No. You do not need to present the wellness+ card used to earn the reward in order to redeem it
but a wellness+ card must be used in the redeeming transaction.
I want to use my $20 +UP reward, Rite Aid coupons, manufacturer coupons and other +UP
rewards all in one purchase. May I?
Yes. Assuming that you purchased all items required to redeem your coupons and other +UPs, your
coupons will first be deducted from your total. If your sales amount (excluding sales tax) is equal to
or more than the total of all of your +UPs, you may use all of your +Ups.
I forgot my $20 +UP reward certificate. Can I still use it on my transaction today at the store?
No. You must present your +UP certificate to receive your $20 reward.