Amoozle website UPDATE

I wanted to give you an update on this Website. I told you about this promotion earlier this week, BOGO gift card. Well I have been waiting for my card and I was starting to think that it was a Scam. So I gave them a call this morning and this is what they told me.

This BOGO gift card is a promotion to promote their website. And yes I will be getting my cards BUT when is another issue. If you read the find print :

  • Delivered via email as eCard
  • Use the eCard online or in-store
  • All cards are delivered up to 10 business days following completion of the promotion
  • No expiry date

It’s after the promotion ends! Which in my case Kmart I have to wait another month. It ends in 22 days and I have another 10 days to wait. He did however say that if the 250 cards sell out before the 22 days that the promotion ends and we get issued our cards at that time.  Hmmm will I get more cards, I will have to think about this. But the gentlemen was very nice, he answered all my questions and was happy I was going to post this explanation on my blog. The reviews on their website are all good.