Here is an issue I want to address: SCAMS

Since I am online alot and I do order more stuff now than I ever have been, I want to take the time to talk about Scams that you might encounter. I have a Paypal account, that I have been using a lot  recently. This afternoon I received this in my email account:

Warning! Suspicious Activity on Your PayPal Account?‏

I clicked on the email and it looked like PayPal was trying to contact me. It asked if I had recently changed my banking account information. A transaction was trying to get through and I didn’t have enough money in my PayPal account. My first reaction was online banking, everything looked ok there. I then called my bank, everything was ok there also. I than finally got a phone number to call PayPal 1-888-221-1161 (keep this number handy if you have a PayPal account). PayPal was confused about the email I was asking them about. It seems I was being Scammed! Thank goodness I did not give them my banking information. It looked like an email from PayPal, but I’m was very careful of giving out any information.

Also my daughter signed up for some mobile coupons. No later was she signed up when she was  charged $40 on her phone for text messages coming in left and right. Please if you are couponing and are not familiar with mobile coupons, DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER!

There are to many Scam geniuses out there be careful.

I just noticed which I should have known this is that PayPal emails have a GREEN CHECK MARK when they send an email.