Walgreen’s matchup 01/22

Triaminic Cold Relief 2/$10.00 ($5.99ea)
Liq 4oz
Thin Strips 14ct
Fever Reducer Inf. Drops 2oz
$5.00RR on 2
$3.00/1 Pain Rel. Product 12/4SS
$3.00/2 Product  or 12/4SS or 1/22SS
Final after RR: $1.00 Moneymaker on 2

Ultimate Flurry Protein Bar 1.6oz $1.99
$1.99RR on 1
Final after RR: FREE

Renew Life Flush & Be Fit 14 Day Kit $20.00
$20.00 MIR on 1 (Rebate form prints at checkout)
Final after MIR: FREE

Walgreens TRUEresult Blood Glucose Monitor $12.99
$12.99 MIR on Box
Final after MIR: FREE

Hershey’s Singles Candy Bars $0.59 with ad coupon
1.4-2.5oz (lim 6)
FREE Air Delight Bar wyb Milk Choc Bar 1/8SS
Final: 2/$0.59 or $0.30ea

Buy One Get One FREE
Blistex Lip Care ($1.69)
$1.00/2 12/11SS
$0.35/1 1/22SS
$0.25/1 11/13SS
Final: 2/$0.69 or $0.35ea

Valentine Candy $0.39 with ad coupon
Sweethearts 1oz
Mars or Nestle Heart 1-1.2oz
(lim 6)
Final: $0.39

Stayfree Maxi 14-24ct $1.99
$1.00/1 1/8SS or HERE 
Final: 2/$0.99 or $0.49ea

Cold or Flu Care 2/$10.00 ($6.99)
Tylenol 24ct or Liq 8oz
Children’s Sudafed PE 4oz
$5.00RR on 2
$2.00/1 Ty. Cold Liq 1/15SS
$2.00/1 Sudafed Product 
$1.00/1 Tylenol Product 
Final after RR: 2/$1.00 or $0.50ea

Buy $20 Get $10 RR
Prevacid 24hr 28ct $20.00
$7.00/2 1/8SS
$3.00/1 1/8SS or HERE 
Final: $7.00 if you buy only Prevacid

Digestive Relief $5.00
Gas X 18-20ct
ExLax 24ct
Maalox 90ct or Liq
$2.00/1 Ex Lax 10/23SS
$3.00/2 Benefiber, Gas X, Prevacid or Maalox
Advanced 1/8 SS
$1.50/1 Maalox Advanced 
$2.00/1 Gas X Prevention 12/4SS
$1.50/1 Gas X 12/4SS
$1.00/1 Gas X Thin Strips, Soft Gels or Chew

Benefiber $10.00
Powder 6.4-10.76oz
Stick Packs 24-28ct
$3.00/2 Benefiber, Gas X, Prevacid or Maalox Advanced 1/8 SS
$5.00/2 Benefiber 1/8SS
$2.00/1 Benefiber Stick Packs  or printable (NLA)
$1.00/1 Benefiber 1/8SS

Arizona Tea or Drink 2/$1.00 with ad coupon
16-23.5oz (lim 4)
Final: $0.50ea wyb 2

Paper Products 10/$5.00 with ad coupon
Big Roll Bath Tissue 1000 sheets
Tuf Paper Towels
(Lim 10)
Final: $0.50ea wyb 10

Campbell’s Soup $0.69 with ad coupon
10.75oz (Ck Noodle or Tomato)
(lim 3)
$0.40/4 1/8SS or 12/4SS
Final: $0.59ea wyb 4

Jell-O Gelatin or Pudding $0.69 with ad couon
Reg or SF (lim 3)
Final: $0.69ea

Dish Soap $1.19
Dawn 9oz
Joy 12.6oz
(lim 3)
$1.00/2 Dawn Hand Renewal 1/1PG
$0.25/1 Dawn Product 1/1PG
Final: $0.69ea wyb 2

Kleenex Facial Tissue $0.99 with ad coupon
24, 70 or 100ct (lim 3)
$0.50/3 1/1SS
$1.00/5 printable (NLA)
Final: as low as $0.79ea wyb 5

Hallmark Party Cup 16oz $0.79 with ad coupon

Valentine Candy $0.79
Sweethearts 7oz
Ferrara Pan 4-9oz
Palmer Hearts 3.3oz
Hershey’s Heart 2.2-2.4oz
Russell Stover One in a Billion 2oz
M&M Cupid Mix 1.74oz
Final: $0.79

Chicken/Sea $0.79 with ad coupon
Sardines 3.75oz
Chunk Light Tuna 5oz
(lim 3)
Final: $0.79ea

Kleenex Tissue $0.99 with ad coupon
24, 70 or 100ct (lim 3)
$0.50/3 1/1SS (exp 1/29)
Final: $0.82ea wyb 3

Buy One at $1.79 Get One FREE
Kraft Mac & Cheese
7.25 oz (lim 4)
Final: $0.89ea wyb 2

Pain Relief (Two or More Participating Products)
$5.00RR on 2

Advil $4.99
16-20ct PM
$2.00/1 PM 
$1.00/1 12/11RP or HERE 

ThermaCare HeatWraps 2-3ct $5.99
$3.00/1 HERE