What did I buy at Riteaid this morning 01/23

To answer a question that I always get asked:

(Q)Do you use everything that you buy?

(A) No I don’t but I always find someone who can use it.

Riteaid shopping trip this morning, and by the way the Post Cereal coupons that say Walmart DO NOT WORK AT RITEAID.

2 Haribo Bag Candy      2/$2

Nature Made COQ10    $12.41 after discount

Nature Made Fish Oil    $10.16 after discount

Finesse Shampoo      2/$6.00

Advil                              $9.44 after discount

KY                                $5.79

Ky                                $2.89 Bogo 50% off

UP2U Gum (3)          3/$3.00

UP2U Gum (3)          3/$3.00

Carmel Hearts          2/$1.98

Hershey Bar             2/$1.00

Finish Gelpac             $6.79 BOGO

Total before savings $86.92

Total after Savings   $12.20 Out of Pocket

Up Rewards for next shopping $33.00 that’s with getting $20 buy & save rewards