Small World even in the coupon world

I want to share a couple coupon stories with you. (my couponers from my class must be thinking here we go with another story)

When I would go shopping I would sometimes get distracted from being asked alot of questions and I would forget to give the cashier some coupons. So I came up with what I call my “mini binder”. After my couponers from my classes see this mini binder they usually purchase one from me which looks like this:

Well one day  Becky (class couponer) was shopping at Walmart with her mini binder and happen to be searching for a product that she couldn’t find. Well she ran into Rejean (couponer from another one of my classes) and yes Rejean had her mini binder. And by the way my mini binders are always red. So they got to talking and Rejean pointed out a great bargain for Becky, which she never would have gotten had it not been for the red mini binder. If you happen to see the red mini binder, you know where they got their coupon tips from.


Lowe's - Lets Build Something Together

So my son had asked me if I could get him a Lowes coupon, which I did. He calls me up tonight to tell me that he had used his coupon. The cashier mentioned that she liked to use coupons also. So Jason tell her that it’s kind of hard not to use coupons when your mom gives coupon classes and writes a blog. As they got more into the conversation, the cashier asked where he was from, so he tells her he’s originally from Madawaska. The cashier says she was originally from Madawaska also, but says that she’s been gone for a long time and he wouldn’t know her. So she tells Jason her age and Jason asked her what year she graduated. And sure enough she was a classmate of mine and my husbands. This coupon world is just amazing!