Riteaid field trip

I love giving coupon classes, it’s the best part of my job. The second class we take a field trip to Riteaid. I always do better when I am learning some thing when I get to see hands on. So here was my shopping trip. Click photo for a bigger view

I did 2 different transactions

Transaction 1:              $160.41

Wellness savings          $54.62

Total coupons savings $102.86

Out of Pocket                   $2.93

Transaction 2:              $103.50

Wellness savings          $25.41

Total coupons savings  $73.94

Out of Pocket                  $4.15

Total purchase       $263.91

Total OOP                  $7.08

And came home with $14 up rewards for my next shopping trip!

4 pkgs UP2U gum, 2 pkgs Gum toothbrushes, 1 box light bulbs, 4 boxes ziploc bags, 3 boxes crackers, 1 weight watchers scale, 3 Theraflu, 2 Pedicare. 1 Triaminic, 1 bottle tums, 2 boxes skinny cow, 2 pkgs Huggies, 3 bottles 7Up, 2 bottle Dansini water, 4 bottles Coke, 4 bottles Orange Crush, 1 snack size oreo, 1 Wetones, 4 Blistex, 2 Dove shampoo, 2 Bottles Downy, 2 Fuzz soda,1 pack Finish Dishwashing tablets,  2 Tom’s deodorant and 2 Ladies Schick Quattro shavers

I will also be adding $1.75 to my Saving Star account and I believe I have a few rebates on this shopping trip.