Seven Yocrunch Yogurt Coupons (Pie Parfaits, Greek Parfaits, Cookie and Candy etc..)

These can all be printed on Facebook

Ex. 30 days from print-Print limit is 2

Facebook Coupons (Ex. 30 days from print) Print limit is 2

Newly added from Facebook:
$1 off two Yocrunch Pie Parfait Multipacks
$1 off 3 Yocrunch Greek Parfait  6oz Cups

Still available from Facebook: (An ad prints after the older ones)
$1 off any four YoCrunch Cups
$1 off any two Yocrunch Greek Parfait Multipacks
$1 off two YoCrunch Cookie & Candy Multipacks
$1 off any two Yocrunch Fruit Parfait Multipacks

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