I had to post this Saveology Daily Deal

I just hope my husband doesn’t read this post he will be the first one to order one for me!
Saveology Holiday Deals

Make catching ZZZ’s a breeze!

$19.99 Anti-Snoring Snore Splint From Lighting Smile ($59.99 Value) – Shipping Included!

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If you’ve spend most of 2011 in the doghouse for keeping a loved one up all night (or neighbor) due to snoring, then nip that problem in the bud with the Anti-Snoring Snore Splint from Lighting Smile. For $19.99, you can finally stop that pesky snoring problem — AND get a full night’s sleep to boot. Valued at $59.99, this customizable duplex tray pushes the jaw forward to reduce friction in the mouth, increase air flow through the nasal passages and opens up the esophagus air channel. Snoring…

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