My coupon plan at Kmart

Okay so those of you who have not checked your Kmart rewards, you might have the Holiday bonus rewards of 25,000 point. I have sent several people today to make some kind of purchase at Kmart, can even be a pack of gum, so they could check their rewards and sure enough everyone has reported back that they got the bonus.

I went  back to Kmart to check if our store was participating in the Wednesday and Saturday Double coupon deal, and as of yet they have no idea. But that’s ok, I might be the first to try it in the morning. While I was there I spotted another deal, my mother always use to say “Jamais 2 sans 3 ” meaning never 2 without 3. And yes this was my 3rd Kmart deal spotted in 2 days.

I spotted a flyer nice big red flyer that said ” get a $10 off coupon when you buy $35 worth of P&G product”. So if I do the Double Deal of doubling up to $1 (I can double up to 5 coupons) and I have to shop for $25 after the coupons are applied. I can easily get to $35.

My Plan: I will shop P & G any of these products:

     Tide, Charmin, Bounty, Downy, Pantene, Crest, Olay, Always, Duracell, Cascade,     Febreze, Bounce, Covergirl, Dawn, Swiffer, Gillette, Tampax, Pampers. Old Spice or Secret

I will shop for $35

        -use (5) $1 coupons that will double to $10

       -use my $25 in Holiday bonus rewards

        -and I should receive a $10 coupon

Looks like a good money maker!

OOPS almost forgot in the “storewide savings guide” on the back cover there is a coupon for a FREE Ocean Spray Juice if you shop for $25 or more in grocery, health care and/or beauty care.