Riteaid Load2Card

screenshot of Step 1Sign up, activate or login to Load2Card through your wellness+ account at RiteAid.com. Click here to get started.

screenshot of Step 2Once you have activated your wellness+ online account or logged in, you will be taken directly to your Load2Card homepage.

screenshot of Step 3Once on your Load2Card homepage, use the dropdown tools located towards the top of the screen to find and sort coupons by product category and/or brand.

screenshot of Step 4To add a coupon to your wellness+ card, click the “clip” button. The coupon will automatically be added to your card within minutes for you to redeem at Rite Aid.

screenshot of Step 5To view and manage the coupons currently clipped to your card, click on “My Coupons” located in the navigation menu. Or ask an associate during checkout.

To redeem your coupons, scan your wellness+ card at checkout. The register will automatically recognize if you’ve loaded coupons for the items you’re buying…and print the savings right on your receipt.


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