Is it safe to print coupons from my computer?

Many of the coupon website require that you download their software before you print coupons. This is a One Time Step and is completely safe. It’s just a few quick steps, and then you’ll be on to printing your coupons. Companies like,  and require a software download. These companies are VERY legitimate and safe

Manufacturers offer coupons to print from their websites. Many of these coupons are offered in exchange for you signing  up for an account on their site. You might want to get a separate email address so it doesn’t fill up your email inbox.

You may notice sometimes they ask for your birth date. Usually, this is to insure that you are over 18, and it will not be used for any other purpose

Use your judgement if a website looks suspicious. In most cases you will be allowed to print 2 coupons. PLEASE NEVER PHOTOCOPY A COUPON!