Introducing Let’s Coupon

I’m Elaine Dionne, I have been with my husband Cliff for 36 years now. We have 3 beautiful adult children, Jamie is married with 2 kids and lives in Augusta, Me. Jason is married and works as an attorney in Lewiston, my daughter Jennifer is a biologist, she’s  married with a son and 2 step-sons and lives right here in Madawaska. My husband  owns a construction business and I run the office. We have been in business all of our lives. I’ve owned a bridal store, apartments to owning a pizza shop. With the pizza business being very successful I was offered to sell and I took up the offer so I could take the time to enjoy my grandkids. But then being in business all my life I took on a hobby that has changed my life.
I found a way that I could help my family and it would only cost me pennies on a dollar to do it. Coupons became a way of life for me. I started to do some research on how I could use coupons and get stuff for free. Being from a small community, we are lead to believe that these things are not possible. We have one grocery store, a Kmart, Family Dollar and Riteaid as our stores. Well I set out to prove this wrong. I was never big on shopping. I would get what the family needed and I was out of the store. (I’m sure the Riteaid employees now would think that to be a lie) Anyway I discovered that our local Riteaid was going to be my favorite hangout. I would research the weekly sales and compare them to my coupons for the best deals. When I first started this about a year ago, I would sometimes go into my Riteaid store like 15 times a day. Sometimes I would buy stuff and sometimes it was just to do some price research. I told my husband one day that they would throw me out of the store and he told me just keep going til they do.
So to make a long story short, I discovered that I could shop for 4 households for under the price on 1. I now furnish my household and my children’s homes with all their cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shavers, shampoo, paper towels and the list goes on.
I had so many people watching me and asking how they could do this also. I decided to give coupon classes through adult education. Well that was a hit and I have to say my class was unique in compare with other coupons classes. I supply my couponers with 6 to 7 weeks of coupon inserts. A big thank you goes to my friends Jeanne and Richard for showing me the secret newspaper recycling barrels. I just love to see the end results. My couponers come back each week with their savings stories. I have even captured some Canadian interest. I am proud to say that our local Riteaid saw a 53% increase on this past Thanksgiving. I talk about Riteaid alot but I have been couponing at our other local stores and yes we are all saving money there too.
I look forward to sharing my stories with others and helping them save money.